For Abigail Bleu, A Relationship Should Always Be “50/50”.


Abigail Bleu is a name to remember as this young prodigy takes the pop music industry by storm. Her graceful and intoxicating vocal tone is the kind that will freeze a room, and you can hear that in her latest track "50/50". Indeed, the production itself already has a seductive glamorous texture, with seasoned guitar riffs that plunge you into a relaxed state. In other words, with the addition of Abigail's masterful performance, this is the ultimate in acoustic ecstasy. Passion, seduction and emotion are all part of the composition, to provide an unforgettable experience to the listener.

Furthermore, the lyrical insight depicts the concept of loyalty and devotion in a love relationship, and Abigail explains this by saying:

50/50 is about a crazy ride or die type of love. If you ride for me, I will ride for you and then I’ll be loyal for life. When it’s 50/50, the relationship will thrive.