7 Creative Canadian Music For The Week-end


This Month, we’ve discovered and heard music from tremendous artists all around the world, but particularly, we came across great talents from Canada, and we need to expose them to public. From the Unknown Guff Lavander to the rising singer Johnny Orlando, here are 7 fantastic Canadian songs that you will enjoy in your playlist.


Sara Diamond - S.I.L.W.U

Known for her seductive vocal tone, Sara diamond continues her remarkable musical journey with another catchy single entitled « S.I.L.W.U », standing for « Still In Love With You ». The composition is a subtle blend of R&B and Electro Pop, with a pinch of modern Soul. Indeed, the production is truly infused with Sara’s glamorous sound signature and the melody gets you in a loving ambiance. 


Noelle - Sad World 

Melancholically haunting, the single « Sad World », recently unveiled by Ontario Native singer Noelle, is a tremendous melodic orchestration that reaches you emotionally. The vibe is truly bewitching, especially thanks to the 19 year-old singer ’s vocal performance. Indeed, the production involves the amalgamation of different genres like R&B, Soul and modern chill pop, with an incorporation of a quirky lyrical perspective. 


Johnny Orlando - Phobias 

Following a successful 2019, with a win at the 2019 MTV Europe Music Award as the Best Canadian Act, Toronto-born musician Johnny Orlando returns with a tantalizing single entitled « Phobias », which is already a hit song with 1.5M plays on Spotify and 2.3M on Youtube.  And it actually makes sense, since the composition has a catchy ambiance that drives you and makes you wanting to sing along. Indeed, it’s predictable that, with this vibrant single « Phobias », Johnny will be dominating 2020 and the years to come, just like his predecessor Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber did. Stream below. 


Rohan - Leave Me Alone 

You’ve probably never heard of Rohan, but it’s only a matter of time before you do. The Toronto-born Rapper/singer is slowly and smartly setting his musical career, by creating his own sound signature, which incorporates some oriental tone that you might sightly perceive in his latest single « Leave Me Alone ». Indeed, the single is a brilliant composition fusing Hip-hop and R&B with some hint of Lo-fi elements, and the topic behind the songwriting encapsulates the conflict inside a human’s mind between good and bad, especially with the influence of social medias. Stream below. 


Lu Kala - Body New

Following her successful single « DCMO », Toronto-based singer Lu Kala returns with another poignant anthem « Body Knew », which undoubtedly showcases her vibrant alto-rock vocal tone. Indeed, the track is a beautiful musical cocktail of commercial pop, indie R&B, with a subtle pinch of Gospel vibe. Moreover, the songwriting content enfolds the nature of heartbreak, especially when one part moves on, living the other part in pain. By the single "Body Knew" KALA uses her unique voice to express clearly her will and animus to move on.


Guff Lavander - Reine De Saba 

If you’re looking for an uncommon vibe that wakes in you the feeling of discovering gold in the middle of a desert in Egypt, then you definitely should stream « Reine De Saba » by Canadian Artist Guff Lavander. The vibe exuded by the song kind of reminds of French music in the late 80’s — involving a catchy chorus, a gloomy, yet pleasant melody and some eccentric and abstract lyrical perspective. 

Indeed, the track is a soothing and unique production, orchestrated in a simple but consistent perspective, that most will enjoy, especially if they understand french - since the lyrics are in French. Stream below


Zhund - Flat Footed

In his latest single « Flat Footed », Canadian artist Zhund redefines the Lo-fi genre, by adding his own sound signature, which involves an idiosyncratic rhythm. Indeed, the Montreal-based producer immerses us in a chill and cozy musical bath, integrating melodic chords and a redundant catchy hook. The ambiance exudes a certain feeling that you actually enjoy the most, when the sun is down and you’re cruising around the city. Stream below.