Afta Hill's Single “NDZ” Takes You On A Sensual and Dark Journey of Love and Ambition


Canadian artist Afta Hill unveils a tantalizing and captivating masterpiece with the release of "NDZ" from the album nothing NOTHING. This alternative R&B track delves deep into the complexities of a once-healthy relationship, unraveling the story of love's demise amidst conflicting lifestyles. Inspired by a personal experience, Afta Hill's raw and authentic lyrics and impassioned vocals take center stage, creating an intense and moody atmosphere that resonates with listeners on a profound level. With contributions from Toronto-based artist Yarah and a unique production approach, "NDZ" is a testament to Afta Hill's artistic vision and emotive storytelling.
"NDZ" is a sonic voyage that encapsulates the emotional journey of a relationship on the brink. Afta Hill's lyrics, rooted in real-life experiences, showcase the artist's vulnerability and introspection. The chorus, crafted collaboratively with Yarah, serves as a powerful statement of self-worth and the demand for personal growth before rekindling a connection. Afta Hill's vocal delivery during the chorus reflects the anguish and passion of lost love, leaving an indelible mark on the listener's soul. Stream below