RADAR: Artist Irene Is Putting Romania On The Map, Through Her Fantastic Single “Roller coaster”.


Romanian music scene is truly taking over, especially with this new exciting singer-songwriter Irene, who recently release an intoxicating single entitled “Roller Coaster”. Honestly, at first when you hear the song, you would think ‘How come I never heard this song on the radio? It should be playing every where…’ Well, I personally think, it just a matter of time before, you hear it everywhere. The beat is catchy and Irene’s vocal performance is just bewitching.

She’s definitely putting Romania on the map, not only because she has that “petit quelque chose” in her vocal tone, that makes you want to discover more about her, but also thanks to this unique charisma that she exudes in “Roller Coaster”. She truly is a super star in the making. And if you don’t believe, just stream below, and tell me about it.


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