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A Gift for Every Type of Wife

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Buying the perfect present for your wife can be tricky. You might be a newlywed who is still trying to decipher how serious she is when she insists she “really doesn’t want anything at all.” Or maybe you’ve been gifting back and forth for years, and you’ve entirely exhausted your list of potential gifts. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you. We’ve put together a list of 65 gift ideas for almost any type of wife. Each item below has been recommended to us personally by people with excellent taste and expertise, or hand tested by one of our staffers. From Japanese bath salts that turn the bathroom into a day spa, to a yoga block that will help her get motivated to hit the mat, you’ll find most of our picks on Amazon. (With budgets in mind, we’ve also organized the gifts by price.)

Under $25

For the wife who takes no prisoners on games night

Strategist contributor Laura Guidry says that this competitive card game — like “a very energetic solitaire” — threatens to tear her family apart. But they can’t stop playing it.

For the wife who likes to soak


These bath powders that make your tub smell like a Japanese onsen were one of our best-selling gifts this Valentine’s Day.

For the wife who eats lunch over her laptop

This electronics cleaning brush from Oxo Good Grips was one of the products Strategist readers purchased most on Black Friday — and for good reason. It’s good for getting into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies and can be tossed in a bag or drawer for easy storage.

For the wife who has a whole sweatsuit collection

A cozy, heavyweight hoodie that packs light, travels well, and goes with just about anything.

For the wife whose office chair is a dining-room chair

An ergonomic balance disc for her home-office chair will help your wife build up core strength as she cuts down on unopened emails.

For the wife who values her beauty sleep

Strategist beauty writer Rio Viera-Newton says this pillowcase is like sleeping at a “luxurious hotel every night.” It’s a favorite of Strategist readers and topped our list of the best silk pillowcases. It’s an affordable alternative to pricier silk options and comes in a wide range of colors.

For the wife who never has a bad hair day

This unassuming, satin-lined sleep cap is beloved by our beauty writer Tembe Denton-Hurst: “I quickly could tell what a difference it made when it came to the appearance and health of my hair. After a couple of days of consistently wearing my Grace Eleyae, my trims happen less frequently, and when they do, I don’t have to cut as much off.”

For the wife who analyzes her dreams

This journal — which prompts you to write a sentence (or two) about one happy moment each day for a five-year period — took the top spot in our wellness-journal roundup.

For the wife who has ditched the home office

From $12

This faux-leather tote bag — with room for an iPad, wallet, phone, keys, Dopp kit, and a novel — is perfect for a wife who’s commuting again. It comes recommended by frugal-fashion expert Dianna Baros who likes the variety of colorways, “making it easy to swap out your bag for different color trends as the seasons change.”

For the wife who’s feeling a bit rough at the edges

This Strategist favorite will nourish the driest of hands. It has made fans of celebrities and makeup artists alike, who swear by its thick, creamy texture and hydrating ingredients.

For the wife who needs her bedtime stories

This wearable book light, paired with noise-canceling headphones, makes the perfect gift for the wife who snuggles up with a page-turner while you snore.

For the wife who likes to doodle


An artist-approved graph-paper pad that will keep her hands (and mind) occupied for hours.

For the wife who would rather cuddle with her fur baby

No fewer than three Strategist dog moms own a version of this yoga blanket, which they say is just as good for snuggling on the couch with their furry friends as it is for picnicking in the park with their human friends.

For the wife who has a way with words

For the wife who remains committed to Yoga With Adriene

She’ll be working her way toward crow pose in no time.

For the wife who’s a little whimsical


These novelty earrings will make her jewelry stand look like a fruit salad.

For the wife who always loses her AirPods

And if she likes food-themed accessories, she can keep her AirPods safe (and easy to spot) in this cabbage-shaped silicone case.

For the wife who likes to make out

This ultrahydrating overnight lip mask was mentioned almost monthly in our 2022 celebrity shopping series. Our resident beauty writer has a theory as to why: It’s quite simply excellent.

For the wife who drinks coffee like a Gilmore girl…

We’ve previously called these the Rolls Royce of coffee scoops — a perfect gift for a wife who serves a strong brew.

For the wife who likes to forage…

If she’s a fan of fungi (even after The Last of Us), she’ll appreciate sipping her coffee from this enamelware mug, originally picked up by one of our writers at the New York Botanical Garden.

…and the truly mycological wife

This teeny night light cycles between a whole rainbow of shades once plugged in, casting a soothing glow while she drifts off.

For the wife who’s firmly analog

If your wife isn’t a fan of the Notes app, she may like to join Eve Jobs and journal with these fine-tipped, pastel-colored pens.

For the White Claw–sipping wife

This super-slim, super-insulated koozie will fit her spiked seltzer of choice like a glove.

For the wife that only drinks screwtop wine

Your wife will appreciate this contraption that does all the hard work. Originally recommended to us by T-Pain, the electric corkscrew opens the bottle in no time and leaves no trace of the broken seal.

For the wife who makes you climb over a mountain of throw pillows

Under $50

For the wife who has an entire wardrobe of glasses


Senior editor Jen Trolio likes to whizz her “filthy” glasses through this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to eliminate smudges. “I still need to clean my glasses all the time, but this thing is a tremendous help,” she says. “A drop of blue Dawn mixed into some lukewarm water leaves them practically sparkling after a three-minute cycle.”

For the wife who knows her angles

She’ll be able to get ready in no time thanks to the glow of this LED makeup mirror, which has three sides so she can primp at every angle.

For the wife who’s religious about bathtime

Perfect for a bath maximalist, this caddy tray can hold her salts, scrubs, loofahs, and wineglass.

For the wife who wants loungewear but can’t stand sweatsuits

Elyse Inamine, Bon Appétit’s digital restaurant editor, told us she basically lives in these linen overalls that are “like your favorite well-worn jeans — but loose, baggy, and freeing, unlike your favorite well-worn jeans.”

For the wife who’s a stellar cook

We dubbed these sturdy sheet pans from Nordic Ware the best overall options for their affordable price point ($26 for 2) and sturdiness. Claire Saffitz, a baker and the author of Dessert Person, says that these can really take a beating, and endless rounds of baking don’t affect the quality at all.

For the wife that wants to beat jet lag

Our favorite travel pillow, beloved by travel experts, bloggers, and Strategist staff, will let her snooze through any turbulence — and arrive feeling refreshed.

For the wife who has a lot to do (and can never remember to do it)

For the frazzled wife, we recommend the Hobonichi Techo planner, which has made its rounds among Strategist staffers over the years. Strategist writer Dominique Pariso calls it the “if you know, you know” category of stationery, citing its size (perfect for chucking into bags!), sturdiness (deceptively durable!), and layout (light gridding with lots of space!).

For the wife who has worn out her Birkenstocks

Two Strategist editors and Mary-Kate Olsen are members of the Teva Voya fan club. Senior editor Simone Kitchens says these sandals work “in all kinds of warm-weather situations: trips to the pool, morning walks, puttering around in the garden, sudden downpours” — a versatile no-brainer gift.

For the wife who wants to switch up her Saturday-morning pancakes

This best-in-class waffle maker is a favorite of food stylist Sue Li; she’s been whipping up breakfast in it for over five years.

For the wife who requires her drinks to be ice-cold

Yetis are the gold standard of insulated tumblers and come in a bunch of different colors and sizes. This particular size is a favorite of Into It podcast host Sam Sanders, who says it’s big enough to fit two Modelos and is perfect for a nice little “sip and walk.” According to Sanders, it’s indestructible: “I swear it is made out of the same stuff as Wolverine’s claws.”

For the wife who tracks her Strava personal records

This foam roller is firmer than most, and will help her muscles stay loose after her morning run (without leaving her bruised.) “It’s the perfect size that allows you to target all major parts of the body, while being compact enough to travel with,” says Radan Sturm, the founder of the Liftonic studio.

For the wife who’s an extremely light sleeper

This “homely” white-noise machine is a favorite of New York Magazine deputy editor Alexis Swerdloff, who said it was able to blur the sounds emanating from the apartment next door. Her sleep, she says, immediately became “sounder” and “deeper,” and three apartments later, it’s still a favorite.

For the Peloton-obsessed wife

From $30

This mini-fan easily straps to her bike’s handlebars so she can keep cool while she rides.

For the wife who has (literally) been pulling her hair out

If she’s looking to give her locks a little love, there’s nothing better than Olaplex’s hair mask. Hairstylists and Strategist editors alike love the product for its moisturizing and restorative qualities.

For the wife embracing her natural curls

This ultramoisturizing shampoo is a favorite of singer-songwriter Corinne Bailey Rae, who says it brings her curls to life. “The shampoo feels just as hydrating and non-stripping as the conditioner,” she says.

For the wife with a coffee station

Chinya Milk Frother

“I’ve watched my mom froth milk for her morning latte for as long as I can remember, and I have to say, there is something quite luxurious about treating yourself to a real drink at home,” says Strategist writer Emma Wartzman. This inexpensive frother comes recommended by the team at Driftaway Coffee, and can be used for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or a perfectly frothy matcha latte.

For the wife with a skin-care fridge

Snail mucin — yes, the slime from snails — is an ingredient your wife is sure to be eyeballing if she’s a skin-care obsessive. This formula also contains glycerin and panthenol, which executive Nicole Doswell says makes it the ultimate “under-eye killer.”

For the wife who doesn’t do hangovers

Several Strategist staffers stock this alcohol-free, slightly bitter elderflower aperitif in their home bars. “Even though there’s no alcohol, it still feels like a special cocktail, ” says former Strategist director of audience growth Stephanie Downes.

Under $100

For the wife who’s a prolific hostess

Gift her this coffee-table book by fellow hostess Catherine “Deeda” Blair, which covers everything from menus to recipes to table settings.

For the wife who likes to dine alfresco

This padded blanket is perfect for beach days, festivals, and picnics as the weather starts to pick up. It also has two handy storage pockets and can deal with all kinds of pet slobber (and chewing), says dog mom Dulce Randall.

For the wife who longs for the Amalfi Coast

While it won’t turn her kitchen into a balcony over the Tyrrhenian Sea, this moka pot that André Aciman swears by can make her morning espresso feel a bit more Italiano.

For the wife who’s a budding plant mom…


This two-tier plant stand won’t take up lots of space but is roomy enough to hold her many green babies.

… And the wife who has a preferred cultivar

If she’s ready to start cultivating, a citrus tree is a great place to start. This one comes with detailed instructions and all of the supplies she’ll need to harvest calamansi all year round (or, if she prefers, she can grow Meyer lemon, key lime, or Buddha’s Hand).

For the wife with a crick in her neck


If she’s slumped over her inbox all day, she’ll appreciate unwinding with this microwavable — and lavender scented — neck pillow.

For the wife who bulk-buys fruit

If your wife recently decided to get into juicing — and found that a blender just doesn’t cut it — we recommend this inexpensive juicer for her countertop. Its extra-large pulp tray helps you get through a serious amount of juice between cleans.

For the wife who’s a frequent flier

An affordable carry-on that comes recommended by writer Robin Reetz, who says it’s perfect for a four- or five-day trip. It’s so good that her friends who own Away and Delsey suitcases are thinking about making the switch.

For the wife who’s always turning up the heat

Terramar Thermasilk Scoop-Neck Top
From $43
From $43

This base layer made from silk will feel a little more luxurious than your average cotton long johns. Complete the gift with a matching pair of tights.

For the wife who’s an SLT enthusiast

A splurgy fitness mat beloved by Esther Perel that’s a yogi favorite. It topped our list of best yoga mats, with Y7 instructor Kristen Nichols calling the brand “quality” and “durable.”

For the wife who keeps an eye on everything

A security camera that can help monitor her packages and stop home intruders.

For the wife who never declines your FaceTime

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery

MagSafe chargers can be slapped onto the back of your phone to keep them powered up on the go. This (particularly fetching) lilac charger also has a built-in kickstand, so your wife can prop you up and keep charged as you check in over FaceTime.

For the wife with a windowbox garden

Although it’s slim enough to be slotted on the kitchen counter, this Aerogarden has space for six plants.