Cardi B Or Nicki Minaj? Beyoncé Has already Chosen Her Side.

Feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj isn’t ending very soon, especially since the interpreter of "I Like It" has attempted to physically attack the "Queen" of the US Rap.

And it seems that some celebrities in the music world have chosen their side regarding the clash between the two rappers. knowing that Kelly Rowland has clearly tried to calm the game in an interview by saying that it breaks her heart to see two talented female artists make war to each other, it seems that Beyoncé has chosen his camp!

While ten days ago, we could hear the song "I Like It" resonate before the concert of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, the Superstar couple now publishes a snapshot of Nicki Minaj (when she was a teen) during each concert.