"don't know how to feel about this": Joey Maxwell's Sonic Revelation of Boundless Emotions.


The world of music, a universe replete with the extraordinary, often conceals its marvels in plain view, awaiting the curious ear to uncover its hidden treasures. It was the venerable Henry David Thoreau who once imparted the wisdom that "All good things are wild and free," a sentiment that finds profound resonance in Joey Maxwell's latest EP, the enigmatically titled “don't know how to feel about this.” Hailing from the musical haven of South London, this indie-pop virtuoso extends an invitation into a realm where boundaries dissolve, and innovation reigns supreme. A maverick of spontaneous creation, Maxwell, driven by a sense of desperation, has gifted us with a sonic revelation that transcends the ordinary.

This five-song odyssey embarks with 'shoelaces,' a vibrant canvas upon which Maxwell deftly paints a tableau of vivacious parties and the internal strife of those desperately seeking acceptance. It is a masterful fusion of alternative and indie pop, adorned with pulsating rhythms that pulsate in harmony with the rhythm of life itself. Maxwell's introspective lyricism slices through the veils of pretense, unflinchingly exposing the shared vulnerabilities that define us.

'Hollowing out' ensues, an uplifting anthem that unfurls the tapestry of self-doubt for all to embrace. This track emanates as the light at the end of a dimly lit tunnel, its melodies a soothing balm to the wounds of uncertainty. With each note, it gently reminds us that it is permissible to feel lost at times, for it is amid those moments of hollowness that we uncover our true selves.

The third opus, 'idontwannatry,' materializes with melancholic guitar riffs that transition into an indie-pop dreamscape. In this composition, Maxwell delves into the universal themes of fatigue and disillusionment with life's complexities. His vocals narrate the tale of reaching a point where effort appears futile, a sentiment that strikes a chord with anyone who has weathered life's ceaseless storms.

'Like a Clown' pirouettes onto the stage, a whimsical yet profoundly introspective composition that delves into the surreal facets of existence. It unfurls as a poignant reminder that life, at times, transforms into a grand circus performance, where each of us becomes the acrobat on the precarious tightrope of existence. Maxwell's lyrical quill dances with whimsical charm, conjuring an air of whimsy that intertwines gracefully with the playful melodies, rendering this track the pièce de résistance of the EP.

The melodic odyssey culminates in 'In a Way That I Could Never Love Myself.' In this poignant musical composition, Maxwell lays his soul bare, fervently professing affection for another while astutely acknowledging the paramount importance of self-love, a path replete with its own labyrinthine challenges.

The expedition culminates with 'In a Way That I Could Never Love Myself.' In this poignant composition, Maxwell lays bare his soul, fervently expressing affection for another, all the while recognizing the importance of self-love, a path fraught with its own challenges.

Within the sonic expanse of 'don't know how to feel about this,' Joey Maxwell meticulously weaves a musical jewel that beckons introspection, honors vulnerability, and invites contemplation of the intricate and enigmatic nature of life itself. This EP embodies the awe-inspiring might of authenticity within art, extending a heartfelt invitation to plunge into the unfettered depths of creativity that often emerge from the crucible of desperation. In fact, Joey Maxwell's creation serves as an unwavering lighthouse of limitless ingenuity. It beseeches us to accept the unexplored, greet the unrestrained, and fully engage in the profound array of feelings, even as we wrestle with the enigmatic collage of emotions that frequently prompt us to contemplate the intricacies of our emotional responses.