Drake is smashing all streaming records with his new album "Scorpion"

The numbers are exorbitant in their size. Scorpion counted this Saturday, June 20, the day after the release of the album, a total of 170 million plays on Apple Music and 132 million on the Swedish platform Spotify. The latter has also announced that the new album from the Toronto native has been heard more than 10 million times in one hour.
The estimate of sales equivalents for the first week is between 870,000 and 920,000, with between 275,000 and 300,000 of these sales coming from physical sales. Given the expected estimates and the number of listening on streaming platforms, Scorpion could be officially certified platinum very quickly. This impressive performance also enabled Scorpion to generate $ 1.5 million in copyright revenue, and only on the day of release, according to London-based Music Business Worldwide. The success is absolutely total, as expected.

Drizzy's back! "Scorpion" - the most anticipated album of the year.

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