Drake Is Suing a Woman Who Claims That He Raped Her And Got her Pregnant.

This story goes back to last year, a certain Layla Lace had claimed to be pregnant by the Canadian rapper a few days after the revelations of TMZ, announcing the fatherhood of Drake on the Sophie Brussaux’s baby.

Given that Layla was refusing to go through a paternity test on the child she gave birth to, a few months ago, the young woman changed tactics and claims today to have been raped by the singer. In response, Drake decided to file a lawsuit against her, as can be seen in documents published by TMZ, for civil extortion, emotional distress, fraud, defamation, and abuse of process.

In the complaint, Drake says he met the young woman at one of his concerts in Manchester, UK. He added that he had "returned to his hotel with her", where she would have "voluntarily and happily given him a blowjob".

Drake later confirms that the young groupie has created an "imaginary relationship" with him. To prove his point, he has attached to his complaint a series of SMS exchanges in which Layla Lace states she misses him. Even though, he tells her, at first, that he hopes to see her soon, Adonis's dad stopped quite quickly to talk to her, explaining that he does not have "the time and the energy to answer". According to him, this would have been the trigger that caused Layla Lace to take revenge.

In May 2017, the young woman refused to take a DNA test to confirm her comments. However, Drake's lawyer said, "There is no credible evidence of a pregnancy or a baby that should have been born last fall."

In an interview released 17 months ago, the young woman speaks more of her romance with the Canadian star.

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