Embark on Ana Scent's Emotive Odyssey with 'Head Vs Heart' and Embrace Love's Tantalizing Tug-of-War.


Whisked away by winds of whimsy, Ana Scent delivers a masterstroke of emotion with her latest indie-electro pop concoction, "Head Vs Heart." Diving headfirst into its melodious realm, listeners will find themselves ensnared by its pulsating heartbeats and the electrifying ambience that mirrors the delicate dance between emotion and reason. In the span of a few minutes, Ana channels an entire tempest of passion, lost love, and the aching battle between heart and mind. Her vocals, both ethereal and raw, dance like flames, igniting every word with a fervor that’s undeniably intoxicating. A creation forged in a magical two-hour collaboration with Noah Veraguth of PEGASUS, this track is the musical embodiment of a love story—hauntingly beautiful, seductively complex, and undeniably heart-wrenching. As the chorus crescendos, one can almost visualize the serpentine coils of love, longing, and loss intertwined in a serenade. Ana's voice is the siren's call amidst the stormy seas of love's trials. "Head Vs Heart" isn’t just a song; it's an anthem for every soul that has battled with the intoxicating duality of love. Dive in, and let Ana's symphony engulf your senses. Stream below