How do I Submit Music?

To submit Your music, please check the section Send Music. At the moment, we only accept music via, submithub or Groover

What are Your Submission Requirements?

First and foremost, your submission must exhibit an exceptional level of professionalism. This entails ensuring that your music is well-arranged, with a catchy and creative sound. Additionally, it's crucial to have a comprehensive press kit, complete with professional-grade photos, artwork, a bio, and a track description to accompany your submission.

I would Like to write for Uranium Waves, when do I submit My Application?

Follow this LINK to submit any application.

What if I have a business proposal for Uranium Waves?

Use the Contact us link or reach out via email with the subject “Business Proposal For Uranium Waves”. We’ll only respond to serious inquiries.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept for Your Services and Merchandise?

We accept a variety of payment methods including credit/debit cards, PayPal. Our aim is to make transactions as smooth as the soundscapes we create.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We stand by the quality of our services and merchandise. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund within 30 days of receipt. For services, refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the stage and scope of the work completed.



How Can Your Spotify Marketing Services Elevate My Tunes Among the Stars?

Our Spotify marketing services are akin to navigating your melodies through the cosmos. We employ strategic astrological alignments – in the form of targeted promotions, playlist placements, and audience analysis – to propel your music into the orbits of eager listeners across the globe.

How Can Your Spotify Marketing Services Amplify My Music?

Our Spotify marketing services are a symphony of strategy and creativity. We help artists increase their presence, play count, and visibility on Spotify. Through tailored campaigns, we ensure your music reaches not just more ears, but the right ears.

Can Your Spotify Marketing Services Guarantee More Followers?

While we can't promise specific numbers (as much as we'd love to!), our services significantly increase your chances of gaining followers. We employ strategic, data-driven methods to elevate your Spotify profile, making your music more discoverable to potential fans.

3. Mixing Mastering F.A.Q.


What Alchemical Sorcery Do You Employ in Your Mixing/Mastering Services?

Our audio wizards blend modern technology with time-honored techniques to transmute your raw tracks into gilded masterpieces. We fine-tune each frequency and polish every note to ensure your music resonates with sterling clarity and dynamism.

How Long Does the Process of Mixing and Mastering Take?

The time varies depending on the complexity and length of the track. Typically, it takes anywhere from a few days to a week. Rest assured, we maintain a harmonious balance between meticulous craftsmanship and timely delivery.

How Do I Know If My Track Needs Mixing and Mastering?

If your track sounds unbalanced, lacks volume, or doesn't quite fit the professional sound you're aiming for, it's time for mixing and mastering. These processes refine your music, ensuring every element is harmoniously blended for an impactful listening experience.

Can your services turn my garage recordings into studio-quality masterpieces?

Absolutely! We specialize in elevating raw, diamond-in-the-rough tracks into polished gems, ready to sparkle in the ears of your audience.

Is There a Secret Potion to Make My Music Sound Better?

The secret potion is a blend of your raw talent and our technical expertise. We focus on accentuating the strengths of your music while smoothing out any imperfections, ensuring that the end result is nothing short of auditory nectar.

4. Uranium Waves Store & Merch


Are Your Merchandises Crafted by Elves? They Look Enchantingly Unique!

While we can't claim elvish craftsmanship, our merchandise is indeed conjured with a touch of magic! Each item is a unique amalgamation of artistic inspiration and quality materials, designed to resonate with the soul of your music and create an unbreakable bond with your fans.

How Do I Choose the Right Merchandise to Complement My Music?

Consider your merchandise as an extension of your musical identity. Think about what resonates with your style and message. Our team can help you choose items that not only look aesthetically pleasing but also strike a chord with your audience.

I ordered A Merch, How long does the delivery take?

Usually it takes between 15 to 20 days if you are in Canada/US and Up to 25 days if you’re in Europe. If you leave outside of Europe/Canada/Us, the delivery could take up to 30 days. Also we could send you a link where you can track your order.
If you haven’t receive your order after 25 days you can contact us and we’ll get back to you regarding the matter.

Are Your Merchandises Ethically Produced?

Absolutely! Ethical production is the rhythm of our business ethos. We ensure all our merchandise is produced under fair, sustainable practices. This commitment not only supports ethical manufacturing but also resonates with the values of our community.

Can I Return Merchandise If I'm Not Satisfied?

Yes, we have a hassle-free return policy. If the merchandise doesn't meet your expectations or fit correctly, you can return it within a specified period for an exchange or refund. Our policy is as user-friendly as our music services. Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. For more details check our Return Policy