Joe West's "Him": Reigniting the Essence of New York's Hip Hop


Hop on a lyrical journey through the streets of Harlem, New York, with the charismatic American rapper and hip-hop artist, Joe West. With his commanding voice that effortlessly navigates club tracks, radio hits, and street-corner hip-hop, West's confidence is well-founded. A sharp-witted lyricist with an undeniable charm, he is on a mission to recapture the true essence of rap music, rooted in the northern neighborhoods of New York City. "Him" is a testament to his unwavering determination, delivering an irresistible blend of energy and lyrical prowess. Let us delve into the heart of "Him" and witness Joe West's remarkable talent unfold.

As "Him" ignites with its powerful snare and resonant double bass groove, Joe West's presence demands immediate attention. The track seamlessly transitions from hard-hitting verses to an explosive chorus, captivating listeners with its tight and concise three-minute arrangement. The producers have skillfully created an instrumental backdrop that pays homage to the jazz-rap of the Golden Age while embracing the contemporary essence of street rap. Joe West takes center stage, using his incendiary verses to establish himself as the emissary of a reinvigorated New York, adeptly fusing the old and the new.

Joe West's music video for "Him," masterfully directed by Reilly Balcom, lives up to its description as a "visual banger." Within seconds, viewers are captivated by the intoxicating bass and thunderous drums. However, it is Joe West's unwavering precision and absolute authority in his delivery that truly mesmerizes. Shot after shot, moment after moment, he effortlessly dominates the screen with his innate confidence and charisma. The video showcases the alluring charm of New York City, with its vibrant Harlem streets, towering stoops, basketball courts, graffiti-laden intersections, and picturesque brownstones. Every frame is meticulously choreographed, from a group of nodding kids to the rapper delivering verses through a magnifying glass, captivating the viewer with eye-catching details and vivid colors. Joe West and Reilly Balcom understand the importance of every moment and image, leaving no opportunity to waste in showcasing their undeniable talent.