Let Adanna Duru's “if i was a boy ;)” Illuminate the Dance of Heartache and Empowerment


Straddling the liminal space between nostalgia and avant-garde, Adanna Duru’s “if i was a boy ;)” unfurls like a poetic soliloquy, an aria with each note dripping with the weight of poignant introspection. Emerging from the cauldron of cultural melding - a symphonic blend of Nigerian roots and Californian upbringing - Adanna crafts a genre-defying tapestry reminiscent of, yet distinct from, iconic tracks of Beyonce and Ciara. The audacious blend of R&B and Commercial Pop harmonizes with the profound emotive depths, rendering an immersive experience of vulnerability interlaced with the strength of a woman in the throes of realization. Echoing sentiments many have felt but seldom expressed, this ballad bares the raw frustrations of imbalanced relationships, daring to venture where few have. Adanna’s mellifluous vocal inflections cascade over listeners, compelling them to replay the tale of heartache and resilience. "if i was a boy ;)" isn't just a song; it's a movement, a call to arms for every soul who's felt overshadowed, underappreciated, or simply, unseen. In this auditory odyssey, one doesn't merely listen; one feels. Stream below