"Me & My Broken Heart" — Dance with Felicia Lu's Moonlit Sonata of Unrequited Love.


As the cerulean tapestry of Electro Pop unfurls, Felicia Lu, in a poignant symphony, introduces "Me & My Broken Heart" – a nebulous blend of melancholic fervor and diaphanous romance. This mesmerizing mosaic of auditory artistry feels like it's distilled from the very essence of a moonlit heartbreak, glistening with spectral tears. As Felicia confesses, the song is a sonic chronicle of loving an elusive mirage, a heart's pining for a love that remains tantalizingly out of grasp.

This track isn't just a melody, it's a rhapsody of unrequited passion, tailored for that cinematic, rain-drenched escape from the throes of poignant desire. Each note feels like a raindrop, each lyric, a shimmering echo of a dream almost realized but forever untouchable. Felicia's "Me & My Broken Heart" is the haunting lullaby for every soul that has ever danced on the precipice of love's abyss, only to find solace in the embrace of its shadow. Perfect for those pensive moments, when the universe feels at once infinitely vast and painfully intimate. So, if ever the skies weep, and your heart yearns for a sonic escape, let Felicia's ethereal strains guide your heartbreak ballet. Stream below