Indie Pop Duo MISSIO Dives Deep into Modern Escapism with 'I Am High' Odyssey.


When it comes to the Indie Pop genre, there’s always a project, every now and then, that shines brightly for its idiosyncratic brilliance. MISSIO’s "I Am High" is just such an album. Straight from the soul of Texas, this duo has constructed an EP that's not just a collection of songs, but an odyssey into the psyche of modern escapism.

From its inception, the title "I Am High" intrigues. Rather than the prosaic interpretation linked to substance, MISSIO probes deeper into the human tendency to take refuge from existential anxieties. Their deft interplay of alternative rock, hip-hop, and electronic motifs serves as a backdrop to this narrative.

The lyrical journey begins with "Good Vibration." The chorus — “What you need is my love and some good vibrations” — encapsulates a universal yearning for acceptance and equilibrium. As listeners, we're invited into a world where conforming to societal trends is juxtaposed against the genuine quest for inner peace.

"Easy" shifts the tonal compass. A paean to romantic simplicity, its lyrics express the comforting balm of love in turbulent times. “You’re making me feel easy,” they croon, highlighting how genuine affection can make the labyrinth of life more navigable.

"Thang Thang" then introduces a rhythmic swagger, an ode to material indulgence and flamboyance. The repetitive mantra, “Thang-Thang,” suggests both a playful bravado and a critique of superficiality. It's a reminder of the hollow allure of ostentation.

Then there's "Big Stacks," where braggadocio meets introspection. The staccato repetition of “Big stacks and big racks” might at first seem like a boastful chant. However, diving deeper reveals a dichotomy: the external façade of affluence versus an inner struggle to find authentic self-worth.

"Papi Chulo" presents a sunny Californian landscape, one where the act of ‘doing LA’ is both a celebratory revelry and a satirical jab at the city's stereotypes. MISSIO’s depiction of LA, with its ocean views and laid-back vibes, is a commentary on the dual nature of any escape – be it a place, a state of mind, or a transient high.

While the final track, "I’m Coming Home," is not provided in its entirety for analysis, its title suggests a poignant resolution. After the intoxicating highs and lows, the sonic journey might culminate in a return to self, to origins, to the grounding essence of home.

Throughout "I Am High," MISSIO crafts a musical tableau that is both personal and universal. Their exploration of escapism is not a mere condemnation but a compassionate inquiry into why we seek these outlets. Whether it’s the siren song of social media, the allure of materialism, or the ephemeral comfort of substances, the album recognizes these as symptomatic of a deeper, existential quest.

Indeed, MISSIO doesn't just produce music; they curate an experience. Their intricate melding of genres, combined with profound lyrical insights, ensures "I Am High" is not just heard but deeply felt. In a world awash with formulaic sounds, this EP stands as a testament to the boundless horizons of musical creativity. Stream below