RADAR: Dive Into NinetyNine's Melancholic Ode to Love in 'Miss You So'


In a symphony of bittersweet emotions, German artist NinetyNine enchants us with his alternative/indie pop gem, "Miss You So." As the lead single off his highly anticipated debut EP, this captivating composition effortlessly weaves together the complexities of loss and longing, painting a vivid sonic landscape that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

NinetyNine, whose moniker derives from his towering height and birth year, is an artist, songwriter, and producer hailing from the vibrant city of Hamburg, Germany. Raised in a musical family, his innate talent bloomed from an early age as he mastered seven different instruments and began crafting heartfelt melodies. Collaborating with esteemed producer Henrik Menzel, a two-time ECHO-Award winner, NinetyNine embarked on a musical journey that would shape his distinct style—a fusion of international pop with a vintage-inspired, organic, and modern production.

"Miss You So" stands as a testament to NinetyNine's songwriting prowess, showcasing his ability to capture the raw essence of human emotion. With melancholic undertones interwoven within its upbeat melody, the song encapsulates the universal experience of losing someone dear and yearning for their presence. Through his scratchy yet tender voice, NinetyNine unveils a vulnerability that resonates deeply, inviting us to delve into our own depths of longing and introspection.

As we immerse ourselves in the enchanting soundscape of "Miss You So," we become intertwined with NinetyNine's introspective journey. The rich tapestry of his musical artistry, laced with personal and relatable lyrics, transcends cultural boundaries and speaks to the universal human experience of love and loss. NinetyNine's debut EP promises to be a captivating exploration of his unique sonic realm, leaving us eagerly anticipating the musical wonders that lie ahead.