Oliver Hazard's Self-Titled Album “Oliver Hazard": An Intellectual Exploration


Folk music, that venerable conduit of unvarnished human experience, stands as an artistry forged in the crucible of shared sentiment, a melodious chronicle of the people, by the people. Amidst an epoch teeming with the ephemeral and the transient, the fortuitous encounter with an opus that rekindles the eternal, soul-arousing attributes of this genre is akin to discovering a veritable oasis. "Oliver Hazard," as presented by the eponymous ensemble, emerges as an exquisite testament to that indomitable spirit which time cannot diminish.

The Opus: A Union of Austerity and Profundity

A magnum opus replete with ten compositions, each a vessel of evocative lyricism and poignant melodies, the album "Oliver Hazard" defies the compartmentalization of mere singles. Instead, it manifests as a macedoine of emotions, ruminations, and reflections, all bound by a harmonious and haunting resonance.

Within its melodious tapestry, a convergence of Folk and Indie Pop prevails, woven together through the virtuosity of three polymathic minstrels: Michael Belazis, Devin East, and Nate Miner. Their harmonies resonate with the dulcet cadence of guitar refrains, unwavering percussion, and ensnaring harmonics. The resultant alchemy transports the audience into an enchanting sojourn, where the vocal expositions stand as exemplars of precision, carrying them into a realm of cozy and solacing audial landscapes.

— A Deconstruction of the Tracks —

Ballerina - Eulogizing Unrequited Ardor
Cloaked in cerulean hues, the ballerina pirouettes through the cerebral realm, emblematic of a love beyond reach. The refrain's unyielding refrain, "My ballerina," amplifies an ardor that infuses the very soul. Herein lies an ode to love's lament, steeped in the poignant profundity of retrospection.

Two x Four - A Duel of Dichotomies
Within these verses unfolds a lyrical ballet of desire and rejection, love and rebellion. The recurrent percussion of a "two by four" unfolds as a metaphorical struggle, not only against external forces but the internal discord as well.

Saratoga - Mysticism Entwined with Self-Reflection
"Saratoga" serves as an enigmatic vignette, transporting auditors to a realm where the mystical and mundane coalesce. The fractured hand tying laces becomes an emblem of wrested control and the endeavor to surge ahead.

Use Me Up - A Plea for Acknowledgment
Within the symphony of metaphors, the theme of value and disposability resonates. The anthropomorphism of a discarded dollar bill bespeaks the tenets of utility, yearning, and perhaps, treachery.

Fly Right - Voyaging the Ambits of Liberation
Through its evocative portrayal of love and chaos, "Fly Right" interposes notions of righteous ascension and infliction. It contemplates the ebb and flow of relationships, turmoil, and ultimately, acceptance.

Northern Lights - Odyssey Across Time and Space
This composition invokes a yearning for a place and epoch that may remain beyond temporal grasp. The rhythmic recitation, "No I wouldn't change a thing," encapsulates a sentiment of contentment and concord.

Oh Mama Won’t You Write Me - A Plea for Connection
Temporality weaves through the refrain, chronicling a yearning for communion and comprehension, perchance with a maternal figure distant yet proximate.

Let Down - A Proclamation of Contrition
The song functions as an avowal, a candid acknowledgement of error and collapse. It articulates a raw scrutiny of a relationship adrift.

Natalie - Love Veiled in Enigma
"Natalie" unfurls as a poignant ballad of love, swathed in ambiguity. It navigates the hinterlands of lost affection and perchance, enigma.

Summertime Whiskey“ - Contemplation on Bereavement
In its culminating strains, "Summertime Whiskey" bequeaths an elegy on heartache and resolve, knitting the themes of loss, resilience, and acceptance into a lyrical tapestry.

A Symphony of Existence

Oliver Hazard, through their magnum opus, orchestrates an engagement that kindles introspection, contemplation, and empathy. Beyond the realm of mere auditory indulgence, this composition embarks upon an expedition into the very crucible of our existence. In a universe often estranged from authentic human communion, "Oliver Hazard" shines as a beacon, an unwavering reminder that the shared narratives that bind us together remain ever vibrant and pertinent.

The confluence of authentic verse and virtuoso musical execution amalgamate to engender an immersive tapestry, a vivid panorama replete with love, loss, aspiration, and melancholia. Enveloped within its soothing tonal embrace, this masterpiece emerges as a balm in the frigid expanse of reality, a sonorous solace that resonates with the universal human condition.

Unadorned, the minstrels of the ensemble have chanced upon an enigma, an essence that reverberates diversely yet profoundly within each of us. "Oliver Hazard" becomes a jubilant hymn to life's intricacies, an affirmation of music's prowess to transgress the auditory and articulate the very quintessence of our essence. Amidst its unpretentious cadence lies an emotional and intellectual profundity both disarming and poignant, thus anointing Oliver Hazard as a luminary within the contemporary realm of Folk music.