RADAR: Abe Parker’s New Single “Keep Me Guessing” Could Be His ‘Breakout’ Single


“Keep Me Guessing” is a fabulous single, recently unveiled by Atlanta-based Singer-songwriter Abe Parker, that most people will instantly click with. The track has all the ingredients of a hit song, not only because it’s melodically consistent but also because it oozes a lot of emotions. 

Indeed, the song will remind you a bit of Ed Sheeran’s vibe. And we, all can agree that Ed is a hell of magnificent singer-songwriter and composer. In other words, Abe has the huge potential of becoming a superstar and I, personally believe that ‘Keep Me Guessing’ could be his breakout single. 

Moreover, the lyrics depict the concept of mystery and discovering in a relationship. Abe Parker explains it, saying: 

Sometimes the most amazing part of a relationship is what you still don’t know about someone. It’s crazy how you could spend a lifetime getting to know someone only to keep finding those little things that keep the spark alive. This song is about cherishing the mystery and falling more in love with someone everyday.

Stream “Keep Me Guessing” below.


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