Radar |Damaged. Is One Artist Not To Sleep On.


Damaged is one artist to watch closely because she’s truly talented. We still remember the first time we came across her debut single « Head High ». Back then, Her name was ‘Urias’ — Not sure why it changed to ‘Damaged’, but it doesn’t change the fact that the music is still amazing.

There's this melancholic sound incorporated in her compositions that makes her sound signature purely idiosyncratic. Indeed, Damaged has recently unveiled her third single entitled "Funeral", which exudes dark notes and a lot of vulnerability. You could feel the emotion hidden behind each melodic breeze associated to the lyrics.

Moreover, behind the lyrics, Damaged. sings the grief and pain of the loss of a loved one - A song that most people going through that grief, could relate to.

Personally, I think Damaged. has a lot to offer and her sound signature, sightly similar to Billy Eilish, could impact music. She’s definitely not to be slept on.