RADAR: Kate Vogel Offers Pure Emotion Through Her Mellow Vocal Tone.



“ The beauty will outweigh the pain. We All Find A Purpose One Day ”

Kate Vogel’s voice is like a pure gold found in the middle of a silent desert. She has an enormous talent and definitely deserves her spot in our ‘Promising Artists’ Roster. Few artists can boast of having a tremendous vocal timbre like hers. When she sings, it sounds effortless, pure and refreshing. We actually discovered her through three singles which are “Rain”, “Reasons To Stay” and “The Grave” — And the vocal performance she delivers, in all three songs is stunning.

At an early age, Kate fell in Love with Music, particularly the type filled with storytelling lyrics. She gradually developed a solid understanding of her craft so that, every songs she releases now oozes fluidness.
Indeed, at 16, the young artist, relocates to Nashville, then Tennessee, where she gets to experience different vibes, by co-writing, performing, and working with different artists and producers — which led to the release of her debut single. However, Vogel’s music path wasn’t aways cheerful, since she went through a very dark experience. Indeed, the young artist was victim to a predator in the music industry — something many females often face in this masculine industry — which led her to attempt suicide. Luckily, through the wave of the #MeToo movement, Kate found enough strength to overcome her trauma and overweigh the pain.

Today, Kate uses her music to convey her pain in such way that the emotion emanating from her compositions are genuine. In fact, by working with two amazing producers Nashville-based, Chase Coy and Oregon-based, Tyler Fortier, her songs exude an authentic breeze of vulnerability, sensibility and optimism, that the audience can really feel. Stream Below


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