Rev up Your Senses and Take a “Joyride” with Mannequin Online's Electro-Pop Magic.


Set within the neon phantasmagoria of electro-pop odysseys, there emerges a track, audaciously reminiscent of Proust's madeleine: "Joyride" by the effervescent duo, Mannequin Online. This Los Angeles pairing - the symphonious alchemy of Zach DeGaetano and Bridget Boltz - have sculpted an anthem that's less a song and more a sonic road map to Elysian boulevards. As if channeling the mischievousness of Pan, "Joyride" galvanizes not just the feet, but the very soul, invoking in listeners the whimsy of a Midsummer's night drive.

And ah, the lyricism! It’s as if Keats took a detour through the 21st century, urging us to abandon ennui and embrace euphoria, from the neon-lit streets of Tokyo to the star-dusted avenues of Hollywood. Each reverberating note feels like an open invitation to cavort with Orpheus, letting melodies guide our next escapade. In "Joyride", you don’t merely hear the music; you’re coaxed, gently, to partake in its ecstatic pilgrimage. Stream below