Ride the Sonic Waves of Resilience with Absent Chronicles' “Carry On”.


Dance floors, prepare to be dazzled; earbuds, anticipate the aural feast. The latest magnum opus from Absent Chronicles, titled 'Carry On', doesn't just knock on the doors of the Future Bass genre—it crashes through with audacious bravado. Direct from the heart of the Dutch musical landscape, Absent Chronicles, in cahoots with the Grammy-nominated maestro Charlie McClean, have woven a tapestry of sound so evocative, it’s as if they’ve bottled up the essence of resilience and poured it into sonic waves. Sultry vocals swan-dive over an intricate ballet of percussive brilliance, luring listeners into a dreamscape that feels simultaneously ethereal and undeniably futuristic.

“Carry On” is more than a song—it's an anthem, a cry, a lullaby for every soul that's ever dared to dream and dance amidst the storm. As one piece of an upcoming album that promises 14 such gems, this track sets expectations soaring, orbiting a realm where music meets magic. Trust me, once 'Carry On' starts its serenade, pausing is simply not in the cards. So strap in and let Absent Chronicles teleport you to the stars. Stream below