SAD NEWS: Mac Miller Passed Away at The Age Of 26

American rapper Mac Miller was found dead in his home in the Los Angeles area on Friday, media reports said.

The 26-year-old artist was unconscious when police and paramedics arrived at his home and was pronounced dead shortly before noon, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Coroner said. An autopsy will be needed to determine the cause of his death.

The Pittsburgh native had launched his fifth career album, Swimming, last May. He was scheduled to go on a North American tour starting in October.

Only a few hours before his death, he said he was eager to perform in front of his fans. "I just want to go on tour," he wrote on Twitter Thursday night.

His career had taken off in 2011 when his first album, entitled Blue Slide Park, produced independently, was awarded first place in the Billboard 200 chart.

Drug issues
Mac Miller, Malcolm James McCormick of his real name, has already mentioned his problems of drug use in his work. Last month, he was charged with impaired driving after hitting a light pole while driving his luxury Mercedes all-terrain vehicle.

This accident occurred only a few weeks after breaking up with American pop star Ariana Grande. She wrote "Take care of yourself please" on Twitter after learning the news.

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