The Resurgence Of Disco In 2020


Just like other forms of art, music tends to follow certain trends and movements. You can think of these as reactions to reactions, a conversation that takes place in the realm of genre and sound. One notable trend that has been quite prominent this year is the resurgence of disco.

Disco has been thrust back into the spotlight. Its influence is present in mainstream music as well as the indie music scene, as seen in the recent work of Toronto-based artist Gads6y. Given this, now is the perfect time to examine this genre and its impact on both music and pop-culture. Along with this, we'll also be taking a closer look at the influence of disco in 2020.

Early Days of Disco

Considering how popular the genre is now, many would be surprised at the fact that disco wasn't always widely accepted. In fact, disco died down thanks in large part to Disco Demolition Night, a marketing gimmick that quickly turned into an anti-disco protest in Chicago back in 1979. However, it wasn't all bad. There was a time when disco was at the top of the charts and dominated the airwaves. Indeed, during its heyday disco was a cultural force that took over the world.

Despite being an American invention, disco fever managed to cross over into different countries and cultures. In Europe it gained popularity through acts like Abba. In fact, Gala Bingo highlights how Abba's popular disco hit "Dancing Queen" was written for Queen Elizabeth after the group witnessed her love for disco music at a party at Glamis Castle. This goes to show how disco was accessible to everyone. It's also important to note that disco's influence wasn't limited to the west. Disco was also pretty popular in Japan back in the 1970s. Its popularity in the country can be attributed to the American show Soul Train, as it exposed the Japanese to the best American disco acts.

Unfortunately, the dawn of rock music ate into disco's massive popularity. Disco was edged out by the more aggressive rock sound that took over the 1980s. And while disco would resurface every now and then, it never really managed to regain the popularity and cultural influence that it once had during its heyday.

Disco in 2020

Despite its newfound popularity, it's important to note that today's disco is far different from its previous iterations. Today's disco caters to modern listeners. A great example of this would be Canadian pop sensation, Carly Rae Jepsen. While the disco element in her music is apparent, it is also heavily influenced by modern pop sensibilities. Her fourth studio album Dedicated is basically disco reimagined for modern music.

A more recent example of this modern form of disco comes from the immensely popular K-Pop group BTS. BTS's "Dynamite" takes the synth-filled disco of the 1970s and combines it with elements of funk and bubble gum pop. And while it's still evidently disco, it has also gone above and beyond the genre itself. By taking the old with the new, modern acts have helped breathe life into this classic music genre.

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