The Story Of Adidon: Pusha T claps back at Drake with deriding single

Beefs between rappers are part of Hip Hop Culture. But the latest one going on between Pusha T and Drake is likely reaching a new Level. As rapper Pusha T released his new album, he is demonstrating that he's resourceful when it comes to beefing by unveiling a response to Drake entitled "The Story of Adidon".

We thought we were dealing with two rappers sending spades to support the promotion of their respective projects. We find ourselves immersed in the heart of a ruthless clash.
Pusha T was not predestined to feed all American buzz sites. Before becoming one of the protagonists of one of the most violent clashes of the US rap game, he was honestly appreciated by the purists and it seemed to satisfy him. His fight with Drake at the heart of his new album Daytona, brought this promising artist (Lord Willin 'and Hell Hath No Fury with The Clipse, My Name Is My Name solo) in another dimension.
Fully produced by Kanye West, Daytona finally offers the boss of G.O.O.D. Music the popular recognition it deserves. With all that it implies: false rumors and clashes, among others. So, when he swings "It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin" in Infrared, in reference to Quentin Miller, alleged Drake's ghostwriter, Pusha T was probably not expecting that phrase to trigger an open war with the Toronto artist.

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Not here to joke

Already vehement on Two Birds, One Stone in 2016, where he questioned the street cred of Pusha T, Drake was quick to retaliate: barely twenty-four hours after the release of Daytona last Friday, he already sharpened his blades for to kill Pusha on Duppy Freestyle. Excerpts selected (we spared those on his wife, Virginia Williams, and his brother, No Malice, former partner of Pusha in the duo The Clipse): "What do you really think of the 'nigger' who makes your beats? "You do not know your talent goes" or "Tell" Ye, We got an invoice comin 'to you.

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Besides, Pusha T goes through Twitter and asks Drake to send him this invoice. The Canadian complies, adds up a $ 100,000 invoice for "promotional assistance and career revitalization" and takes the opportunity to unveil an excerpt from his new album, Scorpions, to be released in June (I'm upset).

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1.4m Likes, 72.4k Comments - @champagnepapi on Instagram: "You're welcome. 🦉"

We thought that both sides had what they wanted since the first has now the spotlight on his most successful solo album (seven titles, not a single false note and two flawless duos with Rick Ross and Kanye West), and the second has the attention for his upcoming project.

it's a bit presumptuous to forget that Pusha T is a lyricist not to underestimate. Indeed, things has quickly moved to the next level. On Tuesday evening, Pusha-T responded with “The Story of Adidon,” a pac-level disrespecting diss track, in which, among insults aimed at Drake's pride and multi-ethnicity. He also, accuses Drake of being the “deadbeat” father of a child with a porn star named Sophie and takes a shot at sick producer Noah “40” Shebib, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, by saying, “How much time he got? The man is sick sick sick.” Shebib responded by pointing out the fact that the track came out just before World MS Day. 

The most controversial thing about the track is the image used staging Drake smiling in blackface. This is a real picture, shot in 2008 by Canadian photographer David Leyes.

In three minutes and thirteen seconds, Pusha T is not only hitting back hard. He is exposing Drizzy's personal life. His tone is relatively chill (as usual), but his intention is clear: The Story Of Adidon is about destroying Drake's reputation, deride him and make him indefensible to his most ardent fans. To the point of humiliating him on the cover art: a photograph taken in 2008 by David Leyes during a campaign for the clothing line Too Black Guys where we see the Canadian wearing a blackface makeup ...

Consequence: Drake loses credibility, he who often claimed to have had a hard time asserting himself as a black boy during his teenage years, and Pusha T consolidates his reputation as a fearless MC. We can't wait too see where this is going. 

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