Tim Voilhat's 'Cooladdi Sky': A Musical Journey Through the Corridors of Time.


"Tim Voilhat's 'Cooladdi Sky' resembles an adored missive from days gone by, an irrefutable gem. It is not merely a harmonious composition but a sonic masterpiece that beguiles you into a state of contemplation you never fathomed you required. Tim's vocal stylings, as velvety as aged wine, gently caress your auditory senses with an almost tangible tenderness. The verses pirouette through the recollections of homely abodes, conjuring forth the wistfulness of well-known locales, bygone escapades, and the visages of those who have painted the tapestry of your existence. It's a musical odyssey through the corridors of time, a span that bridges the chasm betwixt what once was and what could yet unfold. 'Cooladdi Sky' isn't a mere ballad for road trips; it serves as a harmonious chronicle contraption that permits you to retrace your fond yesterdays as the sun dips below the skyline, promising a morrow bedecked with reignited affiliations. With a snug, melodious soundstage that envelops you akin to a heartwarming hug, this melody serves as a reminder that, regardless of the paths life leads you down, the affection you've cherished endures eternally etched in your heart, akin to the unending Cooladdi sky.” Stream below