"Whatever Happened Next": Billy Cullum's Journey of Self-Discovery Through Melodic Brilliance


In a world filled with generic pop tunes, one artist dares to break the mold and embark on a musical odyssey of self-discovery. Billy Cullum, the London-born artist known for his versatile talents, has emerged with his remarkable album, "Whatever Happened Next." This collection of 10 soul-stirring songs takes us on a profound journey through Billy's life, exploring themes of relationships, sexuality, mental health, and identity. With his authentic queerness and love for pop music, Billy invites us to join him in celebrating this new era of his musical career.

As we delve into the ethereal soundscape of "Whatever Happened Next," it becomes abundantly clear that Billy Cullum is a masterful storyteller. Each song is a vivid chapter that evokes emotions, leaving an indelible mark on the listener's soul. The album's production, helmed by the talented J MAC, breathes life into Billy's introspective lyrics, creating a harmonious fusion of acoustic folk, indie pop, and electro-pop.

Track by Track Analysis:

'Gold': A Soothing Acoustic Folk Affair:

The album opens with the soothing ambiance of 'Gold,' where Cullum's velvety vocals intertwine with the cozy smooth riffs. Rooted in a fusion of acoustic folk and indie pop, this track emanates a chill and comforting mood. Embracing his authentic self and queerness, Cullum's heartfelt song serves as a reminder to live unapologetically true to oneself.

'Whatever happened Next': An Epic Pop Journey:

In the titular track, 'Whatever happened Next,' Cullum ventures into a vibrant and upbeat pop soundscape. With an edgy production, infectious melodies, and captivating drums, this song invites listeners to join Cullum on a personal lyrical expedition. Its energetic and vibrant mood reflects the artist's desire to break boundaries and embrace his queerness.

'Say My Name': A Catchy Pop Gem:

'Say My Name' presents an impressive soundscape that envelops listeners in a catchy melodic embrace. The vibrant drumming texture and infectious hook beckon heads to bob in rhythm. This track showcases Cullum's ability to create uplifting and epic pop anthems.

'Twisted': An Energetic Electro-Pop Encounter:

'Twisted' unveils a dynamic journey within the realm of electro-pop. Starting with a smooth and chill introduction, the song builds up to a catchy crescendo in the pre-chorus, perfectly complemented by a subtle distortion. The lyrics express the struggle of letting go of an ex, despite the pain caused by the relationship. Cullum's vocals soar over the energetic production, making this track an irresistible gem.

'The Key': Sultry Vocals Meet Groovy Drums:

'The Key' introduces a minimalistic yet consistent soundscape that highlights Cullum's sultry vocals. The groovy drumming and infectious bass line create a captivating backdrop for the funky plucks. This soft pop offering leaves a lasting impression with its epic and chill mood.

'Crashed Into You': An Ethereal Electro-Pop Tale:

'Crashed Into You' mesmerizes with its intoxicating melodic insight. The smooth drumming concept enhances the ethereal quality of Cullum's vocals. The song's lyrics paint a love story that eventually descends into chaos. This energetic and epic electro-pop track embodies the highs and lows of intense connections.

'Maybe For The Better': An 80s Pop Twist:

'Maybe For The Better' pays homage to the 80s pop era while infusing it with Cullum's unique twist. Bright and melodically infectious, this track takes listeners on a tumultuous sonic journey. Its upbeat production seamlessly blends with the artist's emotive vocals, resulting in an irresistible pop gem.

'Radio On': A Nostalgic Pop Ballad:

In 'Radio On,' Cullum captures the essence of nostalgia with a gentle, chill, and uplifting ambiance. The impressive melodies and heartfelt lyrics invite listeners to cherish simple moments with loved ones, like sitting in a car with the radio on. This pop ballad paints a vivid picture of pure nostalgia, evoking feelings of warmth and longing.

'To All the Hands': Groovy Alternative Pop:

'To All the Hands' starts with a chill vibe, gradually building up to a groovy production. The impeccable vocal harmonies and infectious melodies make it nearly impossible not to sing along. This alternative pop track encompasses both epic and introspective elements, leaving a lasting impact.

'So Bright': A Serene Folk-Indie Pop Farewell:

'So Bright' serves as a poignant conclusion to the album, encapsulating the universal experience of loving and losing someone dear. Cullum's poetic lyrics beautifully express the emotional journey of navigating grief while holding onto cherished memories. The serene soundscape, featuring delicate acoustic instrumentation and Cullum's soothing vocals, creates an atmosphere of contemplation and introspection.

Billy Cullum's debut album, "Whatever Happened Next," is a captivating journey through his life as an openly queer artist. The album effortlessly transitions between genres, from acoustic folk to vibrant pop and electro-infused tracks, showcasing Billy's versatility and artistry. Each song invites listeners to delve into their own emotions and experiences, while celebrating authenticity and queerness. With infectious melodies, poignant songwriting, and an unwavering commitment to self-expression, Billy Cullum has crafted an album that will resonate with members of the queer community and fierce allies alike. "Whatever Happened Next" is a testament to the power of music to connect, heal, and inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of its listeners.