When It comes To Dropping Bangers, Kid Travis Doesn’t Miss — “Butterflies” & “BANG!”


Singer-songwriter Kid Travis needs no introduction as his music has already introduced him to millions of music fans, including celebrities like Post Malone. The young artist was introduced to the music world through the various covers he did, but today he can pride himself on having an array of hits of his own. That' s the case with the tracks "Butterflies" and "Bang!" which he unveiled on February 4th and March 11th of this year respectively. Both tracks have their own identity, but above all retain Kid Travis' signature sound.

Indeed, the first track, "Butterflies", is a musical concept that combines a rhythmic R&B foundation, with some elements of indie pop, hence forming a unique sonic amalgam, exuding glamorous and glittering nuances. In this production, Kid recounts his first interactions with his sweetheart's father - interactions that often go awry due to the protective nature of the father. However, Kid is determined to prove that he is the perfect son-in-law, so he doesn't let himself be intimidated.

As for the second track entitled "BANG!", the rhythm and texture embraces a slightly more Hip-Hop oriented signature, but with split tones between Rock and R&B, giving rise to an emo style. Not only are the melodies emotionally palpable, but the vocal delivery dips into a vibe that is somewhat reminiscent of Drake. In other words, Kid is one of the most versatile artists around, and his musical style just doesn't have any boundaries.

He is definitely an artist not to sleep on.