Whirl Through Barny Fletcher's Neon Dreamscape with “Smell Real Nice”


Barny Fletcher, the avant-garde maestro hailing from London's electric streets, unveils a tremendous gem in "Smell Real Nice." Resonating with the eclectic cadences of alternative R&B and the punchy narratives of pop rap, this track is an effervescent concoction of zest, euphoria, and cheeky charm. One can almost envision a chap and a maiden—twirling amid the neon-lit dreamscape of Los Angeles, their souls dancing to a cosmic rhythm.

As this urban Romeo endeavours to woo his enigmatic Juliet, their dance becomes an electrifying ballet of flirtation and allure. And amidst this interplay, a single note of intrigue—a captivating fragrance, an olfactory ode to the whimsy of attraction. The accompanying visual rendition, as whimsical as a midsummer night's dream, is the cherry atop this delectable musical sundae. But make no mistake; while the tune might be wrapped in breezy vibes, the essence is deep, vibrant, and unapologetically vivacious. So, as we eagerly anticipate the mosaic of Lonestar, this single stands as a bold, fragrant marker of what's to come. Stream below