Zubi's “Frog” Serves a Haute Couture of Afro-Soul, Seasoned with Emotion and Elegance


Originality bursts forth as we delve into Zubi's "Frog," a musical libation akin to the inaugural quaff of an esoteric, venerable vino, brimming with a complexity that tantalizes the senses. This gem from the lauded EP "Journey to Idan" emerges as a haute cuisine in the Afro-soul bistro, marrying the zest of unrefined emotion with the dulcet intricacies of melody. In Zubi's vocal rendition, one witnesses the finesse of a culinary virtuoso, deftly juxtaposing the essences of romance and wistfulness, crafting an auditory repast that etches itself into the memory's taste buds.

In the pulsating core of Abuja, Nigeria, the music video for "Frog" drizzles visual spice over this sonic banquet. Under the adept guidance of Nori Mathias, the video unfurls as an elegantly arrayed depiction of the song's sojourn through venomous liaisons, each tableau acting as a thoughtful embellishment to the primary melody. The stark yet potent depiction within a cozy apartment milieu conjures images of a perfectly calibrated mélange of herbs and spices – understated, yet indispensable.

Through the synergistic toil of Zubi and producer Iordan Adrian, emerges a track that resonates with the odyssey for genuineness amidst the maelstrom of life's interpersonal tempests. Like an expertly crafted menu, their alliance uncovers the subtle undertones in each note and verse, serving up a creation that is as heartfelt as it is flavorsome. "Frog," and its accompanying visual narrative, beckons the audience to embark on a gastronomic voyage of personal evolution and the pursuit of one's unfeigned essence, rendering "Journey to Idan" not merely an EP, but a defining installment in Zubi's evolving musical saga, promising an epicurean engagement that resonates with listeners on an immensely profound plane.